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日期: 2011-01-16

CSSA 2011摄影展作品征集

昔我往矣,杨柳依依。今我来斯,雨雪霏霏。我们,一群游荡在海外的华人,在西雅图的绵绵细雨中,是否无意间会泛起一丝乡愁?在资讯发达的今天,我们能够随 时听到国内亲朋的声音,及时看到各种文字、图片和视频资料,了解发生的各种事情。可是,你是否曾想过和你我一样的海外华人,又是如何看正在发生巨变的中国的呢?你自己又是否在记录着这些变化呢?通过你手上的相机?如果你是一个摄影爱好者,而且手头多有得意之作,那么,参加我们的摄影展吧!


      展览将于2011年一月底开始,主题为“当代中国”。 任何大西雅图地区喜好摄影的朋友都欢迎参加我们的摄影展。参展的作品必须是在中国大陆,台湾,香港或者澳门拍摄的作品。优秀作品将会得到在华盛顿大学图书馆大厅展览的机会。 作品选取标准不仅仅在于照片的技术难度、清晰度以及构图合理性,独特的创意以及捕捉美丽瞬间的能力更会为作品加分。UWCSSA将会承担必要的打印以及布展费用。




参展照片以数码文件形式投稿,文件格式为JPEG,像素要求在300万以上文件大小在2MB以上图片符合sRGB(standard Red Green Blue)通用色彩标准。照片长宽比需为以下比例之一:  1:1, 3:2, 4:3 and 5:4  


作品需为参展者本人原创,黑白、彩色不限。参展作品单幅、组照均可,照片总数不超过5张。作品须以邮件附件形式发送至uwcssa.photo.2011@gmail.com。邮件标题栏须注明“参展作品-作者姓名”。 在邮件正文内请注明作品标题、50字以内的图片说明(包括时间、地点、事件等要素)以及作者姓名、通讯地址、联系方式。作品不得涉及暴力,色情以及激进的政治理念。作品上交期限为2011118日晚24时整,逾期提交作品将不予考虑。对于展览的各种疑问请发信至uwcssa2011qa@gmail.com咨询。






 Call for Submission: UWCSSA 2011 Photo Exhibition


There’s never a lack of passion and sensitivity in this emerald city, even beneath the rain and cloud. What happened and is happening back in our homeland are being recorded and reflected by many of you. So we, Chinese Students & Scholars Association at University of Washington (UWCSSA) bring out this photography exhibition at UW campus and Microsoft campus for your unique lens. It’s a perfect opportunity to engage the academic and photographic community with your works of art.


Besides an exploration of your dynamic lifestyles and cultural presentation from your own perspectives, we genuinely hope that your works will inspire more audience and generate dialogues about contemporary China and the ever-changing emotions of Chinese people.  


This exhibition will begin by the end of January. The theme is “contemporary China”. If you are part of the Chinese community in the greater Seattle area and love photography, you are welcome to participate. We are looking for photos taken in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Technical quality, clarity and composition are certainly all important, but so too is a flair for the unexpected and the ability to capture a picture-perfect moment.


UWCSSA takes full responsibility and costs of printing out the photos and setting up the display.


About your photos

General Requirements

            All works must be original. Both color and black/white photos are acceptable. Content can be landscape or people in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. No violent, pornographic or politically radical content should appear in any photos. Each participant can submit up to five photos. We encourage you to arrange your works as a series (if applicable).  We don’t return displayed photos after the exhibition.


Technical Specification and Submission

For collection, printing and installation efficiency, we accept only high-resolution electronic files through email attachment. JPEG format is required (resolution > 3 megapixels, file size > 2 MB, sRGB standard, exif reserved). Desirable L/W or W/L ratios are: 1:1, 3:2, 4:3 and 5:4.


Submission deadline is January 19, 0:00 (PST). All works from one author should be sent together as email attachment touwcssa.photo.2011@gmail.com, with the subject line “Exhibition photos--Name”. Email body should contain information about the titles, author’ name and contact info and 50-words introduction for each photos (if applicable). If you have any questions about the exhibition, please send your inquiry touwcssa2011qa@gmail.com.


Legal Issues

            UWCSSA is a non-profit organization registered at UW. This exhibition is a free, non-commercial exhibition solely for education and communication purposes. We guarantee no misuse of any submitted works before, during and after the exhibition. Participants are required to sign a photo release form before exhibition. Participants have the copyright and portrait right of their own photos, and should guarantee no violation of copyright, portrait right and right of reputation of any third parties.  UWCSSA has no liability of conflicts between participants and third parties.  All rights reserved.




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