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日期: 2016-01-11

1. Women's Issues in China and the US!! Tuesday 1/12, 4:30 @GSB Library

2. 智能机械系统、全球视野的中国工业4.0 | Jan 14


1. Women's Issues in China and the US!! Tuesday 1/12, 4:30 @GSB Library

Women in a Changing Modernity:
A Comparative Discussion of China and the US

Join FACES next Tuesday, January 12th, for a virtual discussion held digitally between Stanford and Peking University! We will explore contemporary women's issues in both countries, from China's One-Child Policy to debates in the US over Planned Parenthood and abortion rights.

Space is limited to 25 seats, so please reserve your seat: https://goo.gl/vz8G7A

Join us January 12 from 4:30-6:30 pm at the Business Library in the Knight Management Center, for a discussion that spans the globe.

At the FACES Telesummit, we will put recent changes in women’s health policy in comparative perspective to shed light on what these changes might mean for Chinese and American women moving forward. Looking at recent trends, we will ask questions like: What has driven women’s health policies in both countries in the past? How have women suffered under these policies? Given recent relaxation of the One-Child Policy in China, and ongoing political debate over Planned Parenthood in the US, what are the future prospects for women’s reproductive care and equality in the two countries?

We will explore issues relating the US and China’s approaches to women’s reproductive health, based on the notion that while their approaches to issues like abortion may seem diametrically opposed, there are in fact strong similarities in the underlying attitudes towards women and women’s bodies. Beyond state efforts to restrict women’s choices, we will delve into the state of feminism at an institutional level, examining where both governments have made great strides towards equality between the sexes, and where they both have serious shortcomings.

Women’s issues and gender equality are taking increasing prominence on the world stage, and as the world becomes more globalized it is clear that they cannot be addressed purely as domestic matters within countries. By bringing together foremost thinkers on the subject we hope to spark cooperation between the two countries best situated to make a meaningful difference globally.

The event will be comprised of 80 minutes of moderated discussion among the panel of speakers, followed by a 30 minute Q&A.


2. 智能机械系统、全球视野的中国工业4.0 | Jan 14
想了解中国工业界最权威的机械制造系统么?想知道如何实现集团公司销售收入180亿元人民币,跃居世界机床行业首位的奥秘么?想了解首如何真正落地的实现全球视野的中国工业4.0 么?


地点:Stanford GSB P102

嘉宾 :关锡友
•  1988年毕业入职沈阳机床集团,历任技术员、分公司总经理、集团公司总经理, 2008年起任集团 公司董事长;
•  带领公司从名不见经传发展成为世界领先的跨国集团。2011年集团公司实现销售收入180亿元人民币,跃居世界机床行业首位;
•  带领核心技术研发团队攻克了运动控制核心技 术,开发出世界首台基于网络的i5智能数控系统,由此诞生了i5系列智能机床《环球科学》公布的2013年度创新榜中, 沈阳机床设计研究院被评选为“2013年度最具影响力十大研发中心”;
•  行业内率先提出从传统制造商向工业服务商转 型,并在工业领域首创“即时交付、即时使用、即时消费、即时服务”的全新商业模式,从传统 买卖走向价值创造与分享,建立了全新的商业生态系统。
•  曾荣获2012CCTV中国经济年度人物,2013中国 十大创新人物。

嘉宾 : 张首晟

分享嘉宾:Bill Reichert
Bill Reichert is a Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, Bill brings his experience as a serial entrepreneur to his work with Garage’s portfolio companies. Prior to joining Garage in early 1998, Bill was co-founder of Academic Systems, a software company funded by Kleiner Perkins, Accel Partners, and Microsoft. Academic Systems became the leading developer of network-based multimedia instructional materials for colleges and universities, and was acquired by Plato Learning (NSDQ: TUTR). Prior to Academic Systems, Bill was a senior executive at several venture-backed technology companies, including The Learning Company, which was the leading developer of educational software in the United States before its acquisition in 1994, and Infa Technologies, a touchscreen computer company that developed many of the concepts underlying the Newton, Palm, and iPhone devices. Bill also co-founded Trademark Software, which was subsequently acquired by Dow Jones, while in graduate school at Stanford. Bill earned his AB in History and Science from Harvard University and his MBA from Stanford University.

• 新美亚总裁(President of SANMINA-SCI)全球 四大电子产品制造商之一(富士康、新美亚、伟创力、Jibo)2008年美国《财富》500强公司。
• 富士康集团副总裁(Vice President of Foxcome)、苹果集群负责人。拥有管理多达 65000名员工创造了年13亿美元的营收,并且具 有15亿美元采购预算的经历。
• 苹果(Apple)高级部门主管及资深科学家,负责 苹果的技术产业链,曾主导设计Ibook。
• 拥有数十个专利发明,并在世界最权威杂志 《Dynamics》机械专业杂志和专业媒体上发表过 固体力学,流体力学,机械设计及制造技术等文 章。
• 博士师从著名动力学专家Joseph Genin(教科书 《Dynamics》作者)/上海理工大学机械工程硕 士
• 创立盛禾资本、是添翼资本 、硅谷天使会管理合伙人。

嘉宾:张晓雪 (Heidi Zhang)

添翼资本 创始管理合伙人
硅谷天使会 Venture Partner

在创办添翼创投有限公司、添翼资本前,与硅谷创客资本、华智集团有着深入合作,2014年张晓雪曾任硅谷500IPO联合创始人COO,具有帮助硅谷的政府、商界、创投界、创新创业孵化/加速器、中国驻旧金山总领馆、企业界对接的丰富经验, 成功的策划和主持多次大型中美对话活动在硅谷和北京、深圳天津等地产生巨大的影响。
曾成功促成中国广东车宝科技与美国 KPCB最大的风投公司的战略性合作,并将美国知名企业ChargePoint充电桩项目引进中国。

主办方:GCBC | 沈阳机床集团 |添翼资本

Stanford GCBC(Greater China Business Club)为斯坦福商学院的中国学生组织,旨在促进斯坦福商学院学生与国内业界的交流与连接。GCBC活动包括创业交流,企业招聘,中国文化交流与传播等。虽然GCBC仅限斯坦福商学院在校学生加入,我们将通过微信传播活动信息。



添翼资本(Addwings Capital)成立于2015年,是一家专注于移动互联网和大数据、智能硬件、医疗领域等领域的早期投资机构,目前在美国硅谷设立的投资基金。添翼资本致力于帮助所有平凡的人实现创业梦想。希望用我们的真诚、努力与高效做事的方式,换来所有创业者的笑容。我们也是链接硅谷的创新与中国资本对接的枢纽,希望为中美之间的科技创新与发展作出我们巨大的贡献。


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