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日期: 2012-03-07

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Chinese Students & Scholars Association at Cambridge

Dear Members,

Welcome to the 'CSSA-CAM Newsletter'. Please let me remind you of the events for this week. I have also added several new events. Please find the details as below.

Best wishes
On behalf of the CSSA-CAM team


  1. CSSA IT Knowledge Training Programs
  2. CSSA Basketball Team Recruitment
  3. CSSA-CAM RenRen Public Homepage
  4. CUCOS Recruitment
  5. CCS Chinese Magazine Recruitment
  6. CSSA-CAM Football Team Recruitment
  7. CSSA Sports: Football, Basketball
  8. CCS Annual Play: Me & Me VS He & Him
  9. Experience Recycling Talk Show: Recycle Their Past, Dream Your Future!
  10. Second-hand/Life Information

1. CSSA IT Knowledge Training Programs

您想成为多媒体, 网站应用, 程序设计的高手吗?或是您平时想学些Photoshop, Wordpress, python 等IT技能,却苦于没人指导?

CSSA网络部在去年的IT培训课程的过程中, 得到了很多在剑桥的学生学者及华人朋友的参与,这不仅是对我们学联活动的支持与鼓励,更让我们有了更大的动力来为大家做好今年的网络部*免费*培训活动.



多媒体设计理念, Adobe design suite 等工具的使用
CMS 网站设计, wordpress , joomla 建站流程与心得
Python 编程语言, Scripting Language 简介, Python高级应用(科学计算, 计算机图形)
Latex 文档编辑 (新)


时间:每周六3pm -5pm(从三月十日周六开始)
地点:New museum site, balfour MAC 机房

CSSA 网络部

Dear All

Would you ever like to be a multi-media, web application, software designer for your projects?Or you would always like to learn some Photoshop, Wordpress and python IT techniques, but never got real help?

CSSA web division is proudly introducing our FREE IT knowledge training programs this year, we will be giving professional training service for people who need any multi-media and programming IT skills, the teaching team are all well qualified and experienced in the course we do and it will also be conducted in Chinese.

The course mainly covers :

Multi-media design concepts, Adobe design suite usage.
CMS web site design, site building by using wordpress, joomla and tips
Python programming language, introducing scripting language, learn from <Dive into Python> and advanced python applications such as scientific computing/ computer graphics
Latex editing (NEW)

We hope people who is interested to IT knowledge can join and support our event, to sign up, just reply this email with you name, current school/ occupation and contact number. We hope by organizing such free training program and related events, we can create a platform for like minded people to share, learn and innovate together.

When: Every Saturday 3:00pm to 5:00pm(starting from Saturday 10 March)
Where: New Museum Site
Charge: Free
How to book a place: Please send your name, university/company, contact number to
web-training@cssacam.org,details will be given after you have signed up.

(Please note that the course will probably be delivered in Chinese. If you're interested in an English course, you can refer to http://training.cam.ac.uk/ucs.)

CSSA Web Division

2. CSSA Basketball Team Recruitment

Dear all

The Sports division of CSSA is now recruiting players for a basketball team. We are looking for YOU to join us and have fun with us.

Still remember the old days that we are getting excited once we stepped on the ground?

Still remember the old days that we can name all the NBA stars in each team?

Still remember the enthusiasm that we used to have for Basketball?

The CSSA Sports Division is now trying to arrange friendly match with Oxford University Chinese Society. Now it’s time for you to give me a shout and show us your zest for a battle.

If you are fancy playing Basketball, please send an email with your name, e-mail address, mobile No. to zz272@cam.ac.uk

If you have any inquiry about this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact Zhaoyang Zhong(zz272@cam.ac.uk , mobile:07859408895)

Looking forward to your participation.


CSSA Sports Division  

3. CSSA-CAM RenRen Public Homepage

剑桥学联人人网公共主页建立,旨在向剑桥大学学生学者提供实时学术、文化、体育、娱乐资讯。现欢迎剑桥大学学生学者粉丝注册,注册时请提供真实的CSRid (e.g. AB123)以方便确认。



4. CUCOS Recruitment

Dear All,

CUCOS (the Cambridge University Chinese Orchestra Society) is opening application for next year's committee! We are calling for people who share the same passion for Chinese music and who would like to promote its beauty in Cambridge and the UK! Please have a look at the descriptions of the roles, and submit your application by 11pm Saturday, 10th March. Interviews will be held in the following week.

Please click the link below to apply:

We look forward to meeting you soon!
Best regards,
CUCOS Committee 2011-2012

CUCOS Job Description:
-Organize and chair committee meetings
-Overall management of the society (key decision maker)
-In charge of checking progress of the whole team (ensure deadlines are met)

Vice President:
-Management of cash flow, bank account, assets and other financially related issues
-Draft meeting minutes and annual reports -In charge of ticketing

Head of CID/WID:
-Recruitment of musicians, conductors
-Selection of scores
-Communication with the rest of committee in preparation for the concert
-Communication with musicians
-General organisation of the concert

Deputy Head of CID/WID:
-Organise weekly rehearsals
-In charge of scores (translating, photocopying, filing)
-In charge of musician welfare (cakes, drinks in rehearsal)
-General assistance to Head of CID/WID

Head of Publicity:
-General management of the publicity team
-Email communication with colleges, departments and other societies
-In charge of distributing posters and flyers
-Maintain Renren and Facebook publicity (photos, blogs)

Publicity (design):
-Design and print stash and flyers for freshers' fair
-Design and print posters, banner, program list and flyers for concert
-Maintain website

Publicity (external):
-Source sponsorship
-Maintain existing relationships and networks -In charge of cooperation with other societies

Head of Logistics:
-General management of the logistic team
-In charge of transportation of instruments before and after rehearsals
-Room (freshers' fair, rehearsal rooms, concert hall, storage) booking
-General logistic management for the concert
-Recruit logistic helpers

Logistic Officer (x2)
-Distribution of scores
-Transportation of instruments before and after rehearsals
-General assistance to head of logistics
-General assistance in ticketing

5. CCS Chinese Magazine Recruitment



如果你认同这样的定位,并对杂志制作有兴趣,请加入我们的团队! 《言吾言》杂志是一个培养洞察力、提升写作能力、展示多方面才华的绝佳平台。无论你想做记者,编辑,评论员,还是插画师,你都将在这里找到不一样的体验!


撰稿人(含记者,评论员等)加入《言吾言》杂志的mailing list之后,将会收到各版块主编的文章征集邮件。如果看到感兴趣的题材,可以联系版块主编,确定文章内容,并在截止日期前完成写作。
tz246@cam.ac.uk),即可加入mailing list成为撰稿人。

摄影师:工作形式同撰稿人。加入《言吾言》编辑的mailing list之后,将会收到各版块主编的照片征集邮件。如果看到感兴趣的题材,可以联系版块主编,发送照片。

版块主编:通过《言吾言》杂志的mailing list提供想法、题材,与写稿人沟通交流,并负责修改润色文章。

1. 基本信息(姓名、学院、学科、年级、常用邮箱):

2. 感兴趣的版块(可多选):(见下方版块主编招募情况)

3. 如果你成为版块主编,你将会采编哪些内容?(请举出2-3个/感兴趣的版块)


申请要求:发送姓名、学院、学科、年级、常用邮箱至仲添 tz246@cam.ac.uk

小编: 协助版块主编寻找题材、修改文章。
申请要求:发送姓名、学院、学科、年级、常用邮箱至仲添 tz246@cam.ac.uk


-国际新闻(以英国为重点)1-2名主编 (其中1名由顾吉特担任,接受报名)





读书版:评论、推荐新书好书。 (由吴心怡担任,暂不公开招募)



                                                                                                                               仲 添

6. CSSA-CAM Football Team Recruitment

Dear all

The CSSA Sports Division is now launching the recruitment to establish a football team representing CSSA-CAM formally in the future!

At the moment, we are looking forward to building up a team consisting 12 to 16 people. During each week, apart from the weekly kick, we will organize some internal trainings which will be mainly 7-a-side or even more if the recruitment situation is very promising. In addition, the arranged friendly matches and tournaments will be provided as well during the term or holiday subject to the availability of opponents. Moreover, the sponsorship of our football team has been ascertained which means we are now starting to design our team uniform, logo and website etc. 

For now we are trying to arrange a friendly match between Cambridge and Oxford at the end of Lent term. So come and join us for our first show if you fancy football!

There is NO requirement for your skill level. This means as long as you love and enjoy playing football in the Cambridge area, you are always welcome to join us.

However, if you are serious about being a part of team, please make sure that you are able to meet the following requirement:

1. Regular attendance. Please be ascertained that you commit yourself to the team, therefore we expect you to regularly attend our games otherwise you will not be quailified to participate into any formal matches that we arranged.

2. Willness to share some administrative burdens. There will be a number of small administrative tasks in the team that need to be shared together and not simply thrown to one or two team members. The detailed assignment will be discussed further but everybody should be prepared to contribute.

3. Slight amount of financial contribution. At the moment we have already obtained sponsorship for the team but we may still need everybody to pay a small amount of money for our activity. This will be mainly for booking pitches.

4. In the case of too many people wishing to join in, those who have been continually attending the weekly football session at Churchill and Lammas Land during this winter will be considered first.

To join us, please send the details in English or Chinese using the template below to Michael Zhu(zz265@cam.ac.uk ) by 10 March. Please make sure that you have read the above requirements and are fully prepared to meet them.



Mobile No.:

Positions You Play:

(For the position you play, please submit two options, one of which is defensive position and if your choice is goalkeeper, then you will be prior to be considered)

If you have any inquiry about this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Zhu(zz265@cam.ac.uk , mobile:07730488860)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards

CSSA Sports Division  

7. CSSA Sports: Football, Basketball

Please find the details of the sports organised for next week as below.

1. Football Game
When: Saturday 10 March, 2:30 pm
Where: Lammas Land
Charge: Free
Contact: Michael Zhu (07730488860)

2. Basketball Game
When: Saturday 10 March, 10:00 am
Where: Churchill College
Charge: Free
Contact: Zhaoyang Zhong (07859408895)

8. CCS Annual Play: Me & Me VS He & Him

Dear Members,

Getting really tired with your stressed studying life at Cambridge? Come along to watch the long-expected CCS annual play and support the splendid show.

As a signature event of Chinese Cultural Society, this year's annual play will be based on Stan Lai's (赖声川) work: Me & Me VS He & Him (我和我和他和他)

Please find the play trailer by clicking here

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased by all our CCS committee, play committee and the performers. Please find the detailed information as below. 

Tuesday 6 March, 7pm -10pm
Wednesday 7 March, 7pm -10pm
Thursday 8 March, 7pm -10pm

Auditorium, Robinson College 

CCS members: 8 pounds/person
Non-CCS members: 10 pounds/person 

Ticket Booking Contacts:
Calico Hong (
Hao Jiang (
Liang Zhang (

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Invitation from CCS

9. Experience Recycling Talk Show: Recycle Their Past, Dream Your Future!

presented by CURIOS group





她,在英美两大银行接受不同文化熏陶,体验了front和middle office的迥异,对银行事业有着满腔热情。

他们都是大四剑桥生,回首经验累累的过去,展望无限可能的未来。Are you curious about them? 请同我们一起:

Recycle their past, Dream your future!

地点:Newnham College Sidgwick Hall
cam.ycy@gmail.com 人数有限,先报名者优先。

10. Second-hand/Life Information

Dear Members,

An online platform for second-hand/Life information is currently under development. As for now, if you woud like to post any news, please send the news to

please use the link below to find any recent second-hand/Life information.

http ://cssacam . org/category/life/



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