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日期: 2012-04-16

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Chinese Students & Scholars Association at Cambridge

Dear Members,

Welcome to the 'CSSA-CAM Newsletter'. The CSSA Photo Competition is still open and we are looking forward to your anticipation! Also, please find other exciting news for next week as below.

Kind Regards
On behalf of the CSSA-CAM team


  1. CSSA Photo Competition on 'Enchanting Years'
  2. CUREF 2012 Cambridge Real Estate Finance and Investment Conference
  3. China Research Center for Public Policy Recruitment
  4. 2012 Frontier Mini-MBA Program
  5. Second-hand/Life Information

1. CSSA Photo Competition on 'Enchanting Years'

Dear members,

CSSA culture division is proud to announce that we will be holding a photo competition during Easter break. Are you a self-confessed artist, an enthusiastic amateur, or simply taking photos for fun. Now it is your chance to shine! We would like to invite you to share the magical moment you captured, no matter it's taken from your ultra-professional gear or simply your mobile phone. The passion, the sensitivity and the observing eyes behind the scenes are what we are after.

Our theme for the competition is 'Enchanting Years'. We encourage you to come up with your own unique interpretations and create the piece of art you will forever cherish. In return for your effort, we have three £30 Amazon vouchers to give away for the best photos. We will take a democratic approach in the judgement of the 'best photos'. Every CSSA member has a say to which photos deserve to win. If all of the above sounds interesting, please read further.

To participate in the competition, you will need:

1. an original photo, any style, smaller than 4MB
2. your full name both Chinese and English (if different), college, year of study, subject
3. title (optional)
4. technical details e.g. camera model, shutter speed, ISO, aperture etc (optional) 

Deadline: Please email your photo as attachment and all other details to culture@cssacam.org

Your photos will be uploaded to CSSA Facebook group page http ://www . facebook . com/groups/cssacam/ 

To vote:

You have one week's time to cast your votes by simply clicking 'like' option on Facebook .  You may 'like' as many photos as you wish, but try to be selective. Voting will terminate at 12pm Sunday 22nd April, and the winners will be announced on Facebook and contacted soon after. Please be aware that you have to be a member of the CSSA Facebook group to be able to vote. 

Hope to see many photos flooding in, and get keen voting for your favourite ones!

Best wishes,

CSSA culture

2. CUREF 2012 Cambridge Real Estate Finance and Investment Conference


英国剑桥大学房地产金融投资协会【The Cambridge University Real Estate Finance Society 【CUREF】】是剑桥大学官方注册团体,由致力于房地产风险管理、机构性投资及资产管理研究等专业领域研究的剑桥大学地产金融研究组所全力支持,同时,得到包括国家主权基金、国际知名投资银行、私募基金、房地产资产管理等欧洲房地产金融界领军人物的剑桥大学高管顾问团的大力支持。

为促进全球房地产及金融领域的深入交流,打造广泛的业界合作平台,协会将在2012年5月4日于剑桥大学国王学院凯恩斯大厅【Keynes Hall in King’s College】举行2012国际房地产金融投资峰会【International Real Estate Finance and Investment Conference。更多信息请访问网站:http://www.curef.co.uk/conference/


时间:周五,5月4日,8:30AM –5:00PM

地点:英国剑桥大学国王学院凯恩斯大厅【Keynes Hall in King’s College】




演讲者:Credit Suisse 瑞士瑞信银行欧洲投行部主席,独立董事Ian Marcus(房地产融资)



剑桥大学房地产金融首席教授、剑桥大学EMBA客座教授 Prof. Colin Lizieri

铁狮门基金管理公司欧洲部门负责人、哈佛大学肯尼迪政府学院顾问团常务副主席、哈佛大学房地产高级顾问团成员 Michael P. M. Spies

普华永道房地产基金主席,欧洲非洲地区总部负责人John Forbes;



演讲者:GIC新加坡主权投资基金的欧洲部门总负责人Chris Morrish;(新兴市场投资)



论坛主席:剑桥大学房地产投资教授、牛津大学商学院客座教授、哈佛大学房地产金融客座教授   Prof. Andrew Baum

论坛嘉宾:阿伯丁私募资产管理集团,全球投资主管Andrew Smith

Career Workshop:房地产金融职业规划       

演讲者:特里斯坦资本合伙人,战略研究部负责人Simon Martin


演讲者:瑞德集团私募基金负责人James Jacobs



2012 Cambridge Real Estate Finance and Investment Conference

http://www.curef.co.uk/conference/) is the student-run conference focused on Real Estate Finance and Alternative investment bringing together over 10 speakers and 100 delegates from across the world. The detail of the 2012 Conference is as below:

When: Friday, 4 May, 8:30am to 5:00pm

Where: the Keynes Hall, King's College.

Who's coming? 

Speakers for CUREFIC 2012 include: 

Ian Marcus, Managing Director, Chairman of Credit Suisse Real Estate Investment Banking Group;

Chris Morrish, Managing Director, Region Head, GIC Real Estate;

Prof. Andrew Baum, Honorary Professor of Real Estate Investment, Fellow of St John's College,University of Cambridge; Hold visiting position in University of Oxford and Harvard University;

Michael P. M. Spies, Senior Managing Director and Head of Europe, Tishman Speyer;

Prof. Colin Lizieri, Grosvenor Professor of Real Estate Finance, University of Cambridge;

James Jacobs, Director, Private Fund Advisory Group, Lazard;

John Forbes, Partner Real Estate Funds, PwC;

Simon Martin, Partner, Head of Research and Strategy, Investment Committee Member, Tristan Capital Partners;

Andrew Smith, Global Head of Property, Aberdeen Asset Management 


Registration is open until midnight on 31st April 2012. To register you must fill out the application form and attach your CV.

Why register? 

If you are interested in future careers in the Real Estate Finance or Asset Management Industries, this is the place to be. The program for the day consists of keynote speeches, panel discussions as well as workshops including practical case study of Capital Raising in Real Estate Industry and Careers in Real Estate Finance Industry such as Asset Management including Sovereign Wealth Fund, Private Equity and Real Estate Investment Trust; Real Estate Investment banking group and Real Estate developer. Delegates will gain an opportunity to network with sponsors throughout the comfort breaks and lunch period. One panel on cross border investment into emerging markets is to be chaired by Prof. Andrew Baum, and one on the impact of the European debt crisis on real estate markets by Prof. Colin Lizieri. 

If you think you might be interested in this conference, please do not hesitate to apply and we look forward to your participation. 

3. China Research Center for Public Policy Recruitment

Dear members:

China Research Center for Public Policy at China Society of Economic Reform is currently recruiting qualified candidates for the following positions:

Program Officer

2. Research Fellow / Assistant

3. US Office Director

4. Graphic Designer

5. Electronic Publishing Specialist

6. Audio-Visual Technician / Multimedia Specialist

Please refer to the attached document (clicking here) for details

4. 2012 Frontier Mini-MBA Program

The 2012 Frontier Mini-MBA Program is a 12-day program started by Harvard and MIT Sloan students to train the next-generation business leaders from China. The program aims to help students build a successful career in business and consists of three inter-connected modules:

• MBA Hard-Core Skills: The program curriculum is designed according to the Harvard Business School(HBS) first year core-curriculum that includes Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Consulting, Strategy and entrepreneurial management. The comprehensive curriculum will provide students the essential business skills to tackle real problems.

• Consulting Competition: business is complex and business leaders must work in teams. All participants of the 2012 Frontier Mini-MBA program automatically enter the consulting Competition and work in a group of five to seven students. Students collaborate on strategy consulting for a real Harvard startup case (First Prize of MIT-CHIEF competition:http://tech.mit.edu/V131/PDF/N54.pdf). Through this case competition, you will learn to apply the knowledge you learned in classes, think like consultants, and work in teams. The teams will present their strategies to industry executives and consultants, receive feedback, and network with members from Harvard Consulting Club. The top three teams will be awarded cash prizes that total $10,000.

• Career Development Workshops: Figuring out one's own career path is hard. That is why we designed a series of career development workshops and invite industry experts to introduce different career paths. This year's topics include: Designing One’s Career Path, by a Harvard Innovation Lab Expert; Careers in Consulting, by a Monitor Consultant; Careers in Marketing, by a Kellog Ph.D student; Careers in Finance/Investment Banking, by an Intern Trader at Jane Street Capital; Careers in Accounting, by an Innosight Analysit; MBA Application Strategy, by a Sloan MBA student; Resume Strategy, by a Vertex Senior Analyst; and Entrepreneurship, by a Stanford MBA graduate.

These workshops will inspirestudents on choosing the best career path for him/herself.

Program Benefit

Immerse at Harvard University and rigorous MBA training by Harvard professors and lecturers.

Impact a Harvard startup company and its cutting-edge biotechnology Network with business leaders from all over the world Visit HBS and sloan MBA programs and interact with faculties and students Win the 2012 Frontier Consulting Competition Award (Total Prize: $10,000)

Apply Now: www.frontierminimba.com

5. Second-hand/Life Information

Dear Members,

An online platform for second-hand/Life information is currently under development. As for now, if you woud like to post any news, please send the news to

please use the link below to find any recent second-hand/Life information.

http ://cssacam . org/category/life/


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