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日期: 2014-02-28

1. 读书会
2. 剑桥中国学联社交平台
3. 篮球活动
4. 第七届中创业计划大赛
5. 对话Martin Jacques -"How Change Will Change Everything"
6. 蒲公英创始人刘刚创业感悟
时间:3月4日 (星期二) 20:00 – 22:00
地点:Angevin Room, Queens College
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1) 剑桥学联网站cssacam.org
2) 学联唯一官方微博,新浪微博“剑桥中国学联-CSSACAM”
3) Facebook Group: CSSA Cambridge
4) 微信公众平台cssacambridge
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时间:3月2日,周日,18:00 - 20:00
地点: Cambridge University Sports Centre, CB3 0FS (http://goo.gl/4KbmXU)
联系人:焦娜(nj268)蔡龙珠(lc555) 邓远博(yd251)
此次大赛由英国四大名校: 伦敦大学学院,爱丁堡大学,兰卡斯特大学以及东英格利亚大学联合主办。
【对话Martin Jacques -"How Change Will Change Everything"】
地点:Sidgwick Hall, Newnham College
CUHKCAS很荣幸请到Martin Jacques, 《When China Rules the World》一书的作者,与我们探讨中国日益强大的经济及政治影响力及其在世界范围内的作用。
CSSA-CAM 2013/14秘书长
Dear Members,
This email includes:
1. Reading Club
2. Cambridge CSSA Social Platforms
3. Basketball games at Cambridge Sports Centre
4. 7th China UK Entrepreneurship Challenge
5. CUHKCAS: In Dialogue with Martin Jacques - "How Change Will Change Everything"
6. Mr Liu ‘s experience on entrepreneurship
【Reading Club】
Dear friends, at Cambridge where Hinc lucem et pocula sacra (From this place, we gain enlightenment and precious knowledge), would you like to experience the exciting collision of minds from different backgrounds? Would you like to probe into the reading lists other students have kept “secretly”?  Come and join Cambridge Reading Club then! . At the end of this term, we aim to build our very own "Cambridge Recommended Reading List "
Please be well prepared.
Time: 4 March (Tue) 20:00
Venue: Angevin Room, Queens College
Cost: free drinks snacks, with advanced registration, you may stand a chance to win your favorite books!
【Cambridge CSSA Social Platforms】
Dear members, have you ever missed any exciting activities held by CSSA as you forgot to check emails? Welcome to follow us on other online socializing platforms. We provide the latest and most comprehensive information for you in order to promote communication among Chinese students and scholars in Cambridge.
1) website:cssacam.org
2) the only official sina weibo: “剑桥中国学联-CSSACAM”
3) Facebook Group: CSSA Cambridge
4) Wechat official account: cssacambridge
The following is the QR code of our wechat official account:
【Basketball games @ Cambridge Sports Centre】
Time: 18:00 - 20:00, 2nd March (Sunday)
Location: Cambridge University Sports Centre, CB3 0FS (http://goo.gl/4KbmXU)
Cost: free
Contacts: Na Jiao (nj268), LongzhuCai(lc555), Yuanbo Deng(yd251)
Casual games on Friday, all welcome.
【7th China UK Entrepreneurship Challenge】
Do you have a creative idea for a business venture involving the UK and China? Do you want a share of the £5,000 in cash prizes? Do you wish to build your international network of contacts? Do you expect to receive professional suggestions on your business plan? Then, please join in the 7th China UK Entrepreneurship Challenge Competition!
The competition is open to all university teams both in the UK and China. Teams will be selected to participate in the final competition for winning: £5,000 cash prizes and an investment opportunity of £250,000 for the best business plan.
How to Join in?
Step 1: Register your team and your idea at:
Each team could be 3 to 4 people, one of them should be the patent/ technology holder.
Judging criteria are here:
Step 2: If selected as one of the top 15 teams from across the UK, could attend several skill workshops on 15 June at University College London, where entrepreneurship and China experts will help you improve and refine your idea.
Step 3: The best 8 teams will be invited to Lancaster University on 29 June to present their business proposals to Chinese officials and other expert judges.
Step 4: The best 4 teams (3 of whom will win cash prizes) will be invited to UCL for the final on 20 July.
To find out more, please visit: http://chinaukchallenge.com/
Alternatively, feel free to contact atchinauk@chinaukchallenge.com with any questions.
Initial registration, proposal submission and selection deadline is 5pm Monday 14th April 2014.
The competition is held by University of College of London (UCL), University of Edinburg, University of Lancaster and University of East Anglia (UEA).
【CUHKCAS: In Dialogue with Martin Jacques - "How Change Will Change Everything"】
Date: 6th March, 2014 (Thursday)
Time: 17:00-19:00
Venue: Sidgwick Hall, Newnham College
Admission is free and all are welcome.
CUHKCAS is honoured to invite Martin Jacques, the author of the global best-seller "When China Rules the World", to share with us his thoughts on China's growing economic and political power and its implications in the global context.
Martin Jacques is the author of the global best-seller "When China Rules the World: the End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order", which was first published in 2009. It has since sold over a quarter of a million copies and been translated into fourteen languages. The second edition of the book – greatly expanded, revised and updated – was published in 2012.
He is a Senior Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Studies, Cambridge University, and a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing. He is also a fellow of the Transatlantic Academy, Washington DC.
His interest in East Asia began in 1993 with a holiday in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia and his research on the book in 1998 when he went to live in Hong Kong. During the following year he travelled extensively in China, Japan and Taiwan but his work on the book was interrupted by the tragic death of his wife in 2000, a consequence of negligence caused at least in part by racism. He stayed on living in Hong Kong with his son until March 2001, fighting for an inquest into his wife’s death and then helping to initiate a campaign for the introduction of anti-racist legislation which was finally successful in 2008. In 2010, after a legal struggle with the Hospital Authority in Hong Kong concerning the hospital’s clinical negligence that lasted almost a decade, the Hospital Authority was finally forced to settle days before the matter was due to go to the High Court. He eventually resumed work on the book in 2005 and completed the final manuscript for the book in December 2008.
Born in Coventry in 1945, he took a first class honours degree at Manchester University followed by a masters degree. He then went to Cambridge University, where he was a member of King’s College, and gained a PhD. He subsequently held a lectureship in the Department of Economic and Social History at Bristol University.
An award-winning journalist, in 1988 he became a columnist and essayist for the Sunday Times, a relationship which continued until 1994. In 1991-2, he was also a columnist for The Times and in 1996 – 8 for the Observer and from 2002 for the Guardian and more recently the New Statesman. In addition he has written extensively for many newspapers and magazines in the UK and elsewhere, including Financial Times, The Economist, Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Daily Mail and South China Morning Post.
【Mr Liu ‘s experience on entrepreneurship】
The founder of Pugongying , Mr Liu’s Experience of entrepreneurship ‘ The Responsibility of Entrepreneurs’
To read in the attachment.
CSSA-CAM 2013/14秘书长

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