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作者: 王谦

日期: 2014-08-20


1. 茶熏瑜伽
2. 中国基督徒与祭祖


时间: 10.00-12.00 am, 8月24日
地点: Downing College, Music Room

  亲爱的朋友们,本周的茶熏瑜伽活动用英文文进行。我们将继续练习“茶熏冥想”“导引呼吸”,和“仙女补气”部分。活动免费,由剑桥中国传统文化研习社 (http://www.camcc.org/) 和剑桥中国学联 (http://cssacam.org/) 共同举办,但由于场地和设备有限,仅能容纳15个人,请感兴趣的朋友尽快填写报名链接:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dURF2OFHPsisT6RaIWe_-jEYOthbDbnN3X6qw3zcxsQ/viewform?usp=send_form



     茶熏瑜伽为一套综合性的由身到心的修养方法,由北京大学哲学系博士静岩法师结合中国传统的熏疗方法和瑜伽导引术创立。分为茶熏和瑜伽两个部分:茶熏以茶水的热气蒸熏颜面,配合冥想,在热能的 作用下,茶气通过皮肤孔窍、腧穴等部位而直接吸收,进入穴络,输布全身,调理五脏六腑的气血,使气得以通畅。一系列特殊的导 引动作,配合茶熏冥想的静功,使动静和谐,阴阳平衡。茶熏瑜伽,由外至内,由表至里,是从颜面、精神到身体的结合与相应。



1. 参加之前不要吃得太饱

2. 请穿宽松的衣服,柔软,舒适为宜。

3. 请自带大的浴巾,厚、软为宜 (比较合适的尺寸为 72*130cm)

4. 来之前如果能洗一个热水澡会更有效果,如果不方便洗澡,一定要洗干净脸。

5. 如果是长发,请束起头发。

6. 鼓励自带瑜伽垫。




日期:二零一四年八月三十日 星期六 下午四十五分至六

中国的祭祖活动源远流长,大概可追溯至周朝, 到春秋战国时代孔子的哲学对祭祖思想在中国人的心中。究竟中国基督徒如何面对祭祖? 这里牵涉的不仅仅是“祭祖”的问题,而是如何面对中国传统文化,如何看祭祖活动等等?卢龙光牧师会为大家探讨。


     卢龙光牧师生于香港,在英国德伦大学(Durham University)以罗马书研究获哲学博士,现任香港中文大学崇基学院神学院教授、院长,剑桥大学克莱尔堂(Clare Hall)终身会员。卢牧师于香港循道卫理联合教会担任牧职36年,2006-2012年担任会长。卢牧师曾任香港基督教协进会宣教及社会关注部、突破机构、东南亚神学教育协会及香港神学教育协会等团体之主席。卢牧师之主要著作包括:《时代浪潮中的反思》、《爱你的邻舍》、《基督教的身分寻索》、《保罗新观》、《像样的教会管理》及《论尽罗马》等。

主办: 剑桥循道公会 斯理堂 ー人国际团

地点: Wesley Methodist Church, Christ Pieces,

       Cambridge CB1 1LG




ChineseInternational@wesleycam.org.uk 如来不及订座也欢迎莅临

 Scarlet 上

(手提: 07832736183)
剑桥循道公会  卫斯理堂  华人国际团契


Dear Members,

This email includes:

1.  Tea Yoga
2. Chinese Christian and Ancestor Worship

Tea Yoga

Time: 10.00-12.00 am, 24th August 2014
Venue: Downing College, Music Room

This Sunday we will continue our ‘tea yoga’ session! We will practice ‘tea facial steaming meditation’, ‘Daoyin breathing exercise’, and also learn the third chapter: ‘Supplement of Qi by Fairy Maiden’ (仙女补气).Please note that the session will be in Chinese this week.

The session is coordinated by CCCS (http://www.camcc.org/) and CSSA (http://cssacam.org/), and is totally free for all participants. Again, because the space and equipment are limited, we can only accommodate at most 15 people for one session. If you would like to join, please register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dURF2OFHPsisT6RaIWe_-jEYOthbDbnN3X6qw3zcxsQ/viewform?usp=send_form

 as soon as possible. You will receive an email to confirm your attendance.

Introduction to tea yoga:

Tea yoga is a system of healthy maintenance practice, created by Master Jingyan in recent years based on the traditional method of vapor therapy in ancient China and yoga from India. In the practice, we use tea leaves as the spices in the facial steaming meditation. Tea steam opens the skin's pores while deeply cleansing and rejuvenating the skin; tea steam comes into the inner side of the body and helps to open our acupuncture points and channels, clearing blockages, and stimulates the organs to balance themselves, and improve the immune system. During the whole process, you are relaxed and become more aware of your body. It helps people to release pressure, harmonize the heart, the body, and the affairs in daily life. For people who work too hard at desk, Tea steaming meditation also help to cure the tiredness of the eyes and improve the eyesight, Yoga and Daoyin exercise help to relieve the pain and stress on the shoulders and neck.

For all our participants, please note the following:

1. Don't have too much food before coming for the tea yoga.

2. Wear suitable clothes (the kind for yoga will be good), it's better to have no buckles in the front.

3. Bring a big bath towel along with you, which is large enough to cover your head and shoulder.

4. It will be the best to have a hot shower before doing tea yoga, if not possible, then you have to clean your face clearly before doing tea yoga (You could bring your own facial cleaner along and there are places to wash face).

5. If you have long hair, please tie up your hair.

6. To bring a yoga mattress by yourself is encouraged.


a talk on "Chinese Christian and Ancestor Worship"

Organizer剑桥循道公会 斯理堂 ー人国际团

Venue: Wesley Methodist Church, Christ Pieces,

       Cambridge CB1 1LG


Email for booking: ChineseInternational@wesleycam.org.uk 

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